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The Coaxial Connector (RF) Assemblies is the category in which TE Connectivity produces 5225554-6. It protects the IC from damage, like a protective cover. It helps to keep the IC cool by releasing excess heat. The Bulk also connects the IC to other parts of a circuit, like a bridge that carries signals and power. It organizes the pins of the IC, making it easier to connect and use in electronic devices. In simple terms, the Bulk is like a bodyguard for the IC, keeping it safe, cool, and connected to the outside world. TE Connectivity incorporates sturdy materials, employs cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, and enforces stringent quality control protocols to ensure that the 5225554-6 surpasses the most stringent durability and reliability standards. We understand the significance of reliability in critical applications, which is why our commitment to quality guarantees that our customers can rely on 5225554-6 with unwavering confidence.

5225554-6 TNC Plug .64" 16.256 mm | RF Connector

SKU: 5225554-6
  • TE Connectivity

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