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Eastern End Electronics, is a world-class Electronics, Wire, and Connectors Distributor with over 30 years of industry expertise and experience, delivering the right product on time. Eastern End Electronics operates to deliver specialized and unique solutions to our customers. The customers of Eastern End Electronics trust us to give a holistic supply chain solution that lowers their all-in cost of procurement.

Eastern End Electronics is a Small Business, Woman-owned company fulfilling a vital role as a niche custom Distributor that adds value to our customer supply chains by,
•    Knowing our Customer Business
•    Knowing our Customer Needs
•    Knowing our Customers Design and operational engineering 

Eastern End Electronics services our customers from our offices in Hauppauge, New York. We have received the ISO 9001 and AS 9120 quality control certification, ensuring that our daily shipments from our warehouse solve our customers’ needs in all corners of the globe.

At Eastern End Electronics we serve our customers with a fresh perspective and approach bringing our unique capabilities, solutions, and expertise to our core market segments. The core market segments for Eastern End Electronics include;

•    Aerospace
     o    Fixed Wing Aircraft
     o    Rotator Wing Aircraft
•    Military Aviation
•    Military Marine
•    Automobile
•    Trains and other Transportation
•    Tooling


Ginny Cerar Profile

Ginny Cerar

President and Founder

Ginny started Eastern End Electronics in 2003 with the vision and passion to create the avenue for her customers to obtain the best customer service and solutions possible in the electronics and components industry. Under the leadership and vision of Ginny, Eastern End has blossomed into a company that plays a vital role in the electronics, wire and harnesses industry. With her focus on investing into the customers and the business, the approach has borne success not only for Eastern End, but their various customers.

Steve Wunderlich pic

Steve Wunderlich

Chief Financial Officer

Steve has brought over 30 years of financial management experience and expertise to Eastern End Electronics. Having consulted to various small and medium business for 15 years prior to joining Eastern End, Steve has a diverse background to draw on as he undertakes his role with Eastern End. In addition to his corporate role, Steve has served as the Treasurer and President for many non-profit organizations as a volunteer. Giving of himself to improve the community around him, a characteristic of the staff of Eastern End.

Eastern End Electronics LLC Logo

Mary Jo Gilchriest 

Purchasing Manager

Reach out to our Purchasing team to ask about our solutions for you and your company. You can call 631-863-0800

Eastern End Electronics LLC Logo

Ryann Montgomery

Sales Manager

Reach out to our sales team to ask about our solutions for you and your company. You can call 631-863-0800

Eastern End Electronics LLC Logo

Louis Bennett

Warehouse Manager

Reach out to our warehouse team to ask about our solutions for you and your company. You can call 631-863-0800

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