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Military Aircraft

Military aircraft

Eastern End Electronics provides the essential electronic parts and components that ensure safe flights with our large selection of military spec components specified by the large OEM Manufacturers. We offer a comprehensive range of products that withstand the demanding environments of flight and meet relevant OEM specifications. Our military spec product mix includes Lamps, RF wire, cable, and connectors, D-Subminiature connectors, high-speed data cable, electrical wire and cable; sleeving and heat shrink tubing, and many additional lighting, wire, cable, and connector products. 

The application of the components supplied include:

  • Avionics

  • Airframe

  • Interior and In-Flight Entertainment

  • Engine, Fuel Management, and Landing Gear

Link to the product catalog and E-Commerce store below.

Lamps and Lighting Products

Lamps and Lighting Products

Various Lamps for many applications on the aircraft



Various Connectors for many applications on the aircraft



Various wire for many applications on the aircraft

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