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The RG400 is a high-temperature coax cable used in a vast array of military and commercial applications. With a high-temperature maximum of 200°C, in line with other coax cables like the RG142 Cable, this allows installation in heat-sensitive environments.


The United States Military uses the M17/128-RG400, a military part number equivalent to the RG400 Cable. The testing of the RG400 and other military coax cables is very rigorous and the specifications even more so. The RG 400 manufacturers are required to test attenuation and structural return loss by sweeping 22 different 50-ohm cables over the frequency band for which their use is recommended. Among other tests for dimensional stability, you can see why the RG400 cable is of high quality for tactical operations and aerospace technology

RG400 Coaxial Cable

SKU: RG400
1 Foot
Colors: Brown
  • 29.4 (pF/ft)