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The Corsair oval external power receptacle fits right into the exterior of your aircraft for a smooth and aerodynamic installation. Try the Corsair glass-reinforced external power receptacle is manufactured to MIL-C-81790 specifications. The molded glass bases are reinforced to prevent any moisture absorption. These high strength casings are reliable, delivering maintenance-free use in your aircraft for years. The oval external power receptacle has copper and brass control contacts which are machined and silver-plated to MS tolerances. Studs and contact nuts for lug connections are placed at the rear of the product. The aircraft external power receptacle has an anodized aluminum shield to guide plug insertion and create a guard against misalignment.


Create an external power source for your aircraft lighting system and communications devices with this Corsair product.


Aeronautical Standard PN/Spec#:AN2552-3A

Military Standard MS3506-1 Oval 28-Volt External Power Connector, Receptacle

SKU: MS3506-1
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