Our E22 19 22 gauge wire is part of our Hook Up Wire / Lead Wire line. E22 19 is a 22 AWG wire with a silver plated copper conductor with a 19/34 stranding, PTFE insulation, and a nominal outside diameter of 0.051. Weighing approximately 4 lbs/MFT, this wire is easy to install due to its small size and slippery surface. These cables are generally used in high-temperature electronic applications and are ideal for high-frequency applications due to their low power loss. As a result of this, these cables are also military rated with a Mil-Spec number of M16878/4BFE.

Military Spec Wire - 22 AWG MIL-W-16878/4 | NEMA HP3 Type E Wire

SKU: M16878/4BFE
Wire Series
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