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Our EE12 19 12 gauge wire is part of our Hook Up Wire / Lead Wire line. EE12 19 is a 12 awg wire with a 19/.0185 stranded silver-plated copper conductor and an extruded PTFE insulation. This PTFE Mil-W-16878/5 mil-spec wire is intended for electrical or electronic use in protected applications where high temperatures will be encountered. Weighing approximately 24.61 lbs/MFT and having a nominal outside diameter of 0.12, these wires are easy to install due to their small size and slippery surface. These wires have a voltage rating of 1000 and a temperature range of -60°C to 200°C.

Military Spec Wire - 12 AWG MIL-W-16878/5 | NEMA HP3 Type EE Wire

SKU: M16878/5BLE
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