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Our LMR-900-FR cable is part of our Wire & Cable line of Coaxial Cables. LMR-900-FR is made up of a solid bare copper tube conductor, a polyethylene (PE) foam dielectric, a flame retardant halogen-free (LSZH) polyethylene (FRPE) jacket and 2 overall shields of tinned copper braid/aluminum tape. Manufactured by Times Microwave and weighing approximately 266 lbs/MFT, these cables are rated for a voltage of 5000 volts and have a temperature range of -40°C to 85°C. Applications of LMR-900-FR include indoor-riser instances including jumper assemblies for 1-5/8 in. & 2-1/4 in. feeders, medium antenna feeder runs with no jumpers required, and any application that requires easily routed, low loss RF cables.

LMR-900-FR LMR 900 Coaxial Cable

SKU: LMR-900
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