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Butt Splice, SOLISTRAND Series, 22 AWG, 16 AWG, 1.65 mm², Uninsulated


The SOLISTRAND series Terminal and Splice offer superior performance characteristics while terminating solid and stranded wire or irregular shaped conductors. Matching the terminal to the tool makes quality control easy and performance consistent. Corrosion and vibration resistance and tensile strength of these terminals and splices are well within the limits of commercial specifications. The SOLISTRAND line includes terminals, parallel and butt splices, flat rings, spades, hooks and flanged tongue terminals in various sizes. It feature dimples or serrations inside the wire barrel provide optimum tensile strength and maximum electrical contact area after crimping.

31818 - Butt Splice, SOLISTRAND Series, 22 AWG

SKU: 31818
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  • TE Connectivity


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